We take risk seriously

All investing carries with it risk. At Octopus Choice we try to do all we can
to reduce the potential for downside.

We invest your money in high quality, conservative loans

All loans are secured against UK property – a blend of residential and commercial. Every loan that we make available for investment is sourced and underwritten by experienced lending company, Octopus property.

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*Refers to capital losses as a proportion of gross lending
Past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future results

All loans secured against property and managed by property professionals

Before agreeing to make a loan, Octopus Property carries out in-depth checks on each borrower’s finances. But, just in case, we also secure every loan against a property that we can sell if they fall into difficulty.

We invest with you in every loan – and would lose our money first

At Octopus, we invest 5% in each and every loan made through Octopus Choice – and place our money at risk ahead of yours, to give you an extra buffer if anything were to go wrong. It's called putting your money where your mouth is.

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What if things go wrong?

Most late-paying loans typically recover before having to take charge of a property.
But if we do have to, we repay funds in a certain way…


Your initial investment

We repay as much of investors' initial investment as we can


Our 5% investment

Then we repay as much of our initial investment as we can


Your interest

We then pay as much of investors' owed interest as we can


Our interest

Finally we’ll repay any interest we’re owed


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