The Octopus Choice IFISA

What's the Innovative Finance ISA arrow-right

How it works


You can invest a maximum amount of £20,000 across all ISAs in the current tax year. Remember, if you invest into the Octopus Choice IFISA your capital is at risk. It has a different risk profile to a traditional ISA.


We'll use your money to fund loans backed by property. Don't forget this means you could be affected by market conditions.


There's no fixed term. But instant access can't be guaranteed.

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IFISAs have a different risk profile to traditional ISAs

Four simple steps to transfer your ISA


Create an account

First create an IFISA account to transfer into. It takes minutes to do (have your NI number handy).


Tell us about your ISAs

Share some details of the ISAs you'd like to transfer (including amount and provider name) and we'll then prepare a prefilled transfer form.


Print, sign and post

Print off the form, check that it's all correct, then sign and send to your existing provider (they'll need a wet signature to be able to make the transfer).


We'll do the rest

Sit back and relax; we'll liaise with the other ISA provider for you and let you know when the transfer's complete. Simple as that!

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Your capital is at risk. Tax treatment is dependent on an individual's circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.