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Octopus Choice reaches £100 million of assets under management

Posted on 26/01/2018, by Joe Jones

In what is a huge milestone, Octopus Choice – our peer-to-peer lending product – has managed to break £100 million of assets under management.

It’s a landmark we’re incredibly proud to have reached. It gives us a strong foundation to build on as we enter the new year and look to grow our offering even more – starting with our Octopus Choice mobile app, which will soon be available to download.

Octopus Choice has evolved rapidly since launching in April 2015. In that time, we’ve earned our users a collective £2.41 million in interest. Also, alongside completely revamping the dashboard, this summer we became one of the first major platforms to release an Innovative Finance ISA. And we’ll be introducing the ability to do ISA transfers in the very near future, too.

We believe this commitment to innovation has been a central part of our reaching this goal. But we of course have to thank our users for their trust and feedback along the way. And our loyal financial advisers – of which there are now over 650 – for all their invaluable input, and for recommending us to their clients.

We’re not going to stop there, though. There’s plenty more on the horizon for Octopus Choice, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Remember, Octopus Choice places your capital at risk – you may get back less money than you put in.