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Octopus Choice hits the news

Posted on 22/04/2016, by Stuart Sheppard

We recently took the exciting decision to launch Octopus Choice into pilot with financial advisers – and the community certainly seemed to take to it well! Let’s see what some of the journalists had to say…

Property Week described how our product would ‘shake up the peer-to-peer lending world’ and ‘break the mould’.

‘The aim of the new product – Octopus Choice – is to offer investors a lower-risk alternative to the current stable of peer-to-peer property lenders’, it comments.

‘Rather than inviting investors to back individual loans, their money will be spread across the platform and Octopus will co-invest in all deals. Furthermore, if there are any losses, Octopus will lose its investment first.‘

“Not only does this show you just how confident we are in the quality of the underlying loans – it also provides investors with an extra layer of protection,” said Simon Rogerson, chief executive of Octopus Investments. We want to put our money where our mouth is.”’

Financial Adviser reports that ‘Octopus has worked closely with financial planners to develop the fresh offering, which invests in a discretionary managed portfolio of asset-backed loans.’

We have developed the product, they say, ‘so that advisers looking to reduce exposure to equities can diversify their clients’ investment portfolios without compromising on returns’ – noting that ‘customers will target higher interest rates than deposit accounts, but with less risk and volatility than stocks and shares.’

One financial adviser, Richard Lord – managing director of Cardiff-based Bartholomew Hawkins – is reported to have said that ‘the new product from Octopus will provide advisers with additional choice beyond Isas and structured products: “We’re really excited about what the product could mean for our clients.”’

While Tony Catt, compliance officer at Anthony Catt Limited, said ‘“This new fund is the first of its kind available in the UK and as such they should be applauded.”’

Financial Reporter reports that ‘Octopus Investments is working with financial advisers to launch a new online lending product on the back of the rapid growth and continued government support of peer-to-peer lending.

‘‘Octopus Choice’ will provide a middle ground between saving and stock market investing’, they say. ‘By investing in a discretionary managed portfolio of asset-backed loans, customers will target higher interest rates than deposit accounts, but with less risk and volatility than stocks and shares.

And it’s not just clients who’ll benefit.‘Facilitating both up-front and ongoing fees, Octopus Choice will allow advisers to broaden the scope of their advice to include some of their client’s deposits that are earning low levels of interest in savings accounts or cash ISAs.

Meanwhile, IFA Magazine proclaims that our ‘new online lending product helps financial advisers unlock the potential of peer-to-peer market.’

Good to see Octopus Choice is hitting the mark!