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Get ready for a better way to invest

Posted on 11/02/2016, by Stuart Sheppard
Here at Octopus, we’ve never been ones for sitting back and settling for the status quo. When we were founded back in 2000, we believed financial services companies weren’t working hard enough for their customers – and we wanted to do better. 16 years later, we have more than 500 employees, 50,000 individual customers and £5.6bn of assets under management. But we’ve remained true to that founding ambition – to create new solutions to the real, everyday financial problems that people face. To help people do smarter things with their money. It’s an ambition that’s brought to life in the Octopus Smart Account, the latest product that we’re building as we speak. Over the past few years, we’ve been hearing customers ask the same question: how can I make my money work harder, without exposing myself to the ups and downs of the stock market? We’ve designed the Octopus Smart Account as the answer: a new alternative, with a great rate that beats saving with the bank, but with less risk and unpredictability than investing in stocks and shares. More will be revealed in due course – we’re at the beginning of our journey and there’s still plenty to do. But we’re excited about the product we’re building and look forward to sharing it with you. Watch this space!