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All systems go! Octopus Choice onboards its first customers…

Posted on 22/04/2016, by Stuart Sheppard

This week marks the first of many important milestones for Octopus Choice.

After a lot of hard work from the team, we’re delighted to have on-boarded our first tranche of customers!

Admittedly, they come from close to home. One of the many advantages of building a new product within an established financial services firm is that we have a ready-made army of testers to trial it….

Octopus has been around for 16 years. We manage over £6 billion on behalf of 50,000 customers and work with thousands of financial advisers from around the country. And to make all that happen we rely on nearly 600 employees, who we this week rewarded with unique early access to Octopus Choice – on the condition that they let us know how it could be better!

The response has been overwhelming. Two thirds registered their interest in the product within a day of opening – and we have been gradually ‘on-boarding’ them ever since.

We’re deliberately starting small, inviting initial customers to join a few at a time, because the product is still very much in its early stages. If it was a mode of transportation that we were building, we’d still be at the ‘skateboard’ stage – a long way away from our desired Aston Martin. (The skateboard mantra is a popular one in our office…)

This way we can capture and implement all of the incredibly valuable feedback as it comes in (we had 143 separate, detailed comments within a matter of days) and create improved iterations of the product as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’re really excited by the feedback that we’ve received, and are hard at work building the next version – watch this space…