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Economic bloom: rising inflation doesn’t have to be a big dill
Posted on 25/05/2017, by Stuart Sheppard
As Britain’s keenest horticulturalists geared up for the third day of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this morning, it was revealed that growing inflation has continued to put the squeeze on Britain’s economy.1 The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported this month that consumer prices rose by an annual 2.7%, the highest since September 2013, largely on the back of the falling pound and an increase in the cost of oil.2

This will generally have come as a big blow for Britain’s investors, who, in comparison, have experienced sluggish growth in average pay (just 2.2%). And it’s not only consumers that are feeling the pinch, as even the Flower Show itself has had to halve the number of ‘major Show Gardens’ at this year’s event (it’s still set to be just as flamboyant and extravagant as ev...
Safe as houses? What Brexit could mean for property investors.
Posted on 30/03/2017, by Stuart Sheppard
Now that the wheels of Brexit have been set in motion, should property investors be worried? We would argue, no.
When it comes to ISAs, choice is the new normal...
Posted on 29/02/2016, by Stuart Sheppard
A new report from Nesta and Cambridge shows the dramatic growth of alternative finance – while concerns mount around delays to the Government’s new ISA…
The benefits of beta: using ‘agile’ techniques to build Octopus Choice
Posted on 22/04/2016, by Stuart Sheppard
Wonder how we're building Octopus Choice? Why not take a peek under the bonnet...
The 10 tech trends that will shape our future
Posted on 22/04/2016, by Stuart Sheppard
We asked Morgan, our CTO, to pick out the five tech trends that he thinks will shape the future. He gave us 10...
Octopus Choice hits the news
Posted on 22/04/2016, by Stuart Sheppard
We recently took the exciting decision to launch Octopus Choice into pilot with financial advisers – and the community certainly seemed to take to it well! Let’s see what some of the journalists had to say…
Octopus Choice goes into pilot!
Posted on 22/04/2016, by Stuart Sheppard
Another important milestone for Octopus Choice: this week we launched the product into pilot with our community of financial advisers.
The loans keep clocking up...
Posted on 22/04/2016, by Stuart Sheppard
The number of loans we've made available  for investment continues to rise – now totalling £7 million.
All systems go! Octopus Choice onboards its first customers…
Posted on 22/04/2016, by Stuart Sheppard
This week marks the first of many important milestones for Octopus Choice. After a lot of hard work from the team, we’re delighted to have on-boarded our first tranche of customers!
The week in view: seven years bad luck
Posted on 08/03/2016, by Stuart Sheppard
Seven years after the Bank of England reduced interest rates to record lows, Britain’s savers continue to feel the pinch.