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Top 10 things you can do on the Octopus Choice app
Posted on 14/05/2018, by Joe Jones
We want Octopus Choice to be as easy-to-use as possible. And that includes when you’re out and about. It’s why we launched the Octopus Choice iOS and Android apps – available on your phone or tablet – to make managing your accounts while on-the-go simple....
Meet the team: Chloe Vaughan, Customer Success
Posted on 04/05/2018, by Joe Jones
Our customer success master Chloe discusses what she's most looking forward to for Octopus Choice, and her penchant for a glass of wine.
Bank of England interest rate rise in May looks less likely
Posted on 03/05/2018, by Joe Jones
Expectations that the Bank of England would raise interest rates this month took a blow this week. A surprise turndown in the UK’s economic growth meant a number of banks pushed back their predictions for when we could see an increase in the base rate.
The unstoppable rise of fintech
Posted on 30/04/2018, by Joe Jones
Few sectors have enjoyed as much hype as fintech of late. The groundwork has been laid for a technology revolution in financial services – one the big banks are no doubt keeping a close eye on.
What’s new? Latest updates to Octopus Choice
Posted on 25/04/2018, by Joe Jones
It’s always a busy time in the Octopus Choice offices. And the last few weeks have been no exception. Here’s a quick update of some of the new features and upgrades that we’ve released this month.
Meet the team: Sam Handfield-Jones, Head of Octopus Choice
Posted on 16/04/2018, by Joe Jones
Head of Octopus Choice Sam talks about the future of P2P, challenges facing the sector, and life at Octopus.
Top ten things you should know about transferring your ISA
Posted on 11/04/2018, by Joe Jones
For those who’ve taken advantage of tax-efficient investing over the years, it’s important to periodically review your ISA portfolio to make sure it’s working best for you.

Old ISAs can be earning some of the worst rates around. And just because one type of ISA might have suited you well a few years ago, it might not be what’s right for you now.

This is where transferring your ISAs can come in useful
Ten resolutions for the new tax year
Posted on 05/04/2018, by Joe Jones
Today (6th April) marks the beginning of the 2018/19 tax year. What better opportunity to get your personal finances in order, and get you on your way to hitting your goals?

Here’s the Octopus Choice run-down of 10 resolutions you might want to consider for the new tax year:
The ISA clock is ticking! Act fast to make the most of your allowance
Posted on 29/03/2018, by Stuart Sheppard
It’s that time of year again: the new tax year is nearly upon us. Sure, it might seem a less exciting milestone than New Year’s Day. But it does hold some cause for celebration: it’s on this day that the annual tax-free ISA allowance gets reset – meaning those who have been lucky enough to fill their ISA pot to the brim can start investing once more.
How to get invested with just £1,000
Posted on 23/03/2018, by Joe Jones
As technology evolves, traditional barriers to investing are being gradually broken down. It‘s created an opportunity for those who felt they weren't able to invest to put their money to work.

Peer-to-peer lending has transformed an age-old industry with a modern, efficient solution, making investing accessible to those that didn't feel they were in a position to invest before.