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Annual house price growth highest in nine months, says Halifax
Posted on 14/09/2018, by Joe Jones
House price growth has risen to its highest rate in nine months, according the latest house price index from Halifax. The figures show that prices for the three months to August grew by 3.7%, compared to the same period in 2017....
Should I invest in peer-to-peer lending? 7 questions you should be asking
Posted on 07/09/2018, by Joe Jones
Peer-to-peer lending's not for everyone. So, if you’re thinking of giving it a go for the first time, we’ve put together a list of some of the top questions you should be asking yourself.
Cash ISA subscriptions hit 16-year low
Posted on 05/09/2018, by Joe Jones
The amount of people subscribing to a cash ISA in the 2017/18 tax year hit its lowest point since 2001/02, according to new figures from HMRC.

Stocks & shares ISAs and Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISAs), on the other hand, both achieved their highest ever numbers of annual subscriptions.
7 alternatives to investing in the stock market
Posted on 03/09/2018, by Joe Jones
Whether you’d prefer to avoid the stock market altogether, or are simply looking to diversify your current portfolio, there's rarely been a bigger demand for alternatives ways to invest.
How tech has created new opportunities for everyday investors
Posted on 30/08/2018, by Joe Jones
The investment world has democratised in recent years, with new online platforms and asset classes making investment a more accessible option for many more people. We take a look at some examples.
Our top 7 tips for boosting your income in retirement
Posted on 28/08/2018, by Joe Jones
It’s important to be smart about how you manage your money in retirement. But there’s still plenty of ways to boost your income. Here’s our top seven.
What different types of ISA are there? And what's the best ISA for me?
Posted on 21/08/2018, by Joe Jones
The investment climate has changed dramatically over the last decade or so, and so too has our attitude to ISAs. With a raft of new ISA types now coming on to the market, could it be time to take another look?
Octopus Choice nominated as Peer-to-Peer Loan Provider of the Year 2018
Posted on 10/08/2018, by Joe Jones
We are pleased to announce that Octopus Choice has been shortlisted for a MoneyAge Award at this year’s prestigious event.
Will my interest rate increase on the back of the Bank of England’s decision to raise the Base Rate?
Posted on 09/08/2018, by Joe Jones
Not immediately, no. That’s because the loans in your portfolio are all fixed-rate (the interest rate that each borrower pays is locked for the entirety of the loan term). While your personal interest rate is variable, this is because the individual loans that make up your portfolio will change over time.
Unlocking the power of compound interest
Posted on 11/07/2018, by Joe Jones
When should you begin making investment plans for the future? And what’s the best way to start investing for your retirement? They’re questions many of us put off answering – either for lack of time or because we’re not quite sure how to go about it.